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C*FAC, (Christ for All Church) is holding auditions for the purpose of finding the artists-filmmakers, playwrights, producers, directors, comedians, musicians, singers, actors, rappers, dancers, poets, artists, and comedians whose works reflect moral, spiritual, or otherwise positive value, for the purpose of being showcased, marketed, promoted, and supported by the church body, during its SUNDAY CINEMA EVENT, held every 1st and 3rd Sunday.



Upon being selected by our panel of judges, C*FAC may provide for the selected artists, one or all of the following services:    

***An audience for presentation of your piece,
***A video-taped or power point biography of your rise as an artist,
***An "artist love offering" for support of your endeavor, 
***Opportunity to sell tapes, CD"s, DVD's, books, scripts, poems, artwork, etc. after the service,
     if applicable,

***And   possibly provide press packages,  performance bookings, recording studio 
    bookings, pitches of your work, as well as other agency support.

Our Sunday Cinema Event is toward fulfillment of our MISSION at C*FAC, to spread the Word of God (or the positive nature of God) through artistic expression in the form of films, stage plays, music, song, rap,  dance, comedy, poetry, and art work.

We, at C*FAC, envision a world brought into a greater knowledge of and intimacy with Jesus Christ,  through artistic expression for the Glory of God.

***Your Audition Piece does not have to pertain directly to the gospel, but must be of a family-oriented, inspiring, motivational, or otherwise positive nature.

FILMS and STAGE PLAYS must be submitted in completed form on video, along with a copy of the script, a treatment for screenplays, and a synopsis for stage plays, with a Cover Sheet including name of writer/producer/director, title of project, address, all phone numbers, e-mail, and fax number.   Also submitted on video should be a trailer and/or clip or short of the film or stage play.

UNPRODUCED, WRITTEN SCRIPTS may be auditioned for the purpose of submission to our Writer's Guild Agency for representation.  The author's initial submission should be a synopsis of his books and/or stage plays and/or a treatment of his screenplays.  If selected for representation, our Writer's Guild Agency will seek to negotiate a contract with the author to pitch his works to companies such as BET, Dreamworks, etc.

If you are in need of assistance in writing or completing your screen or stage play, we recommend the Screenplay Writing classes that are offered in our Academy.

ACTORS who wish to audition, should prepare one comedic and one dramatic monologue to present, as well as be prepared to read a cold script.  After being selected, the Actor will be required to write, cast, produce, and direct a play of 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, to be presented before the church congregation.

If you are in need of training or coaching in the field of Acting, we recommend the Film and Stage acting classes that are offered in our Academy.

COMEDIANS and POETS should prepare 2  different renditions of their work to perform before the panel of judges, as well as 5 written copies of the poetry or comedy acts, with a written explanation of title of act, theme, goal, purpose, and synopsis.  Also attached with the written copies should be a Cover Sheet, containing name of poet or comedian, title of act, address, all phone numbers, e-mail, and fax number.   

SINGERS, RAPPERS, MUSICIANS, AND BANDS are required to Audition 2 songs of different tempo or genre.  Also, written copies of songs or musical renditions should be submitted with a Cover Sheet attached containing, name of artist, title of song or musical rendition, address, all phone numbers, e-mail, and fax numbers.   Songs and musical renditions may be original or cover.

If you are in need of vocal training or coaching, we recommend the Vocal Classes that are offered in our Academy.

DANCERS should prepare 2 dances of different  types or genres to present before the panel of judges.  Dancers should also submit a written explanation of title of dance, song accompaniment, theme, purpose, and description of dance; along with an attached Cover Sheet which should include name of dancer, title of dance, address, all phone numbers, e-mail and fax number.

ARTISTS and PHOTOGRAPHERS should show 2 renditions of their art work or photography before the panel of judges, accompanied by a type-written submission expressing title of art piece, theme, purpose, goal, and description.  Also attached with the type-written submission should be a Cover Sheet with title of art piece, name of artist, address, all phone numbers, e-mail, and fax number.   Photos of the art work should be left with the panel of judges.   Sketch Artists should be prepared to perform a sketch before the panel of judges.


***All Auditioners will be required to sign a release form.

 MOVIE EXAMPLES:  "The Pursuit of Happyness", "The Lion King", "The Matrix", "Avatar", "The Color Purple", "Forrest Gump", "The Great Debaters", "The Passion of the Christ", "Bruce Almighty",  "Lean on Me",  etc.   All audition movies and stage plays must be original.

***Songs, music, dance, comedy, poetry, and art work must be performed live before our panel of judges.

SONG EXAMPLES:  "The Impossible Dream", "If You Believe", "I Believe I Can Fly", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Reach Out and Touch", "The Circle of Life", "Love Train", "Respect Yourself", "Wake Up Everybody", "Ordinary People", "Living My Life Like It's Golden", "Praise Him in the Middle of It", "Trust Me", It's Not Too Late to Dream", "I Can't Do Nothing Without You",  etc.   Audition songs may be original or cover songs. 

COMEDY EXAMPLES:  Will Smith, Bill Cosby, Seinfeld, Steve Harvey etc.  All audition comedy and poetry must be original, as well as all audition art work.


Auditions are set to be held on Thursday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.

***Click below to view a video of our Audition Call!







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